Global Specialists in Energy Management

Industrial Controls and Drives India is a global leader in design and deployment of energy and power
management solutions. We have built a commendable reputation of providing safe, reliable, efficient,
and sustainable energy management solutions. Our research and development initiatives have
redefined energy and power management through innovative and sustainable solutions.

Our extensive portfolio includes manufacturing, testing, installation and commissioning of energy
and power management solutions. With 3 decades of rich experience, we have established
a strong presence in the energy management sector by delivering flexible solutions for
customer applications across the globe.


Enabling Smarter and
Precise Operations

Our impressive product line caters to energy utilities and consumers in diverse fields. Advanced power quality capabilities imparted to energy utilities enables proactive corrective action and prevention of equipment failure. From basic power meters to load managers; from demand controllers to energy meters – we ensure compliance with global standards and regulations. ICD products are aptly complemented by comprehensive software for total power solutions. Online-service, expert power, archival and analysis of energy and power quality data, are key capabilities of ICD software. Expert power is an exclusive solution that enables multiple users to view data, create automated billing, produce sophisticated reports and also implement energy saving plans.

Customer Approach

Customer Centric Approach

At ICD, business goals are centered around the customer. We go to great lengths to ensure high quality standards of products and services for complete customer satisfaction. Our wide and expanding customer base comprises of government and public services, top power utilities, industrial facilities and commercial enterprises. Our team delivers exclusive products and services as per unique customer needs. Continuous development and upgradation of products and services ensures optimization of energy management systems at the client’s site. We adhere to stringent quality checks at every stage of product development and maintenance for defect free operation. Easy usability, operability and installation are the hallmarks of our products.

Meet the Energy Management Experts

Dynamism coupled with expertise best describes the team at ICD. We have a competitive team of
scientists, domain experts and industrial veterans, capable of taking on challenges with utmost ease.
Our support team scrutinizes every stage of the development process to ensure highest quality of
products as per customer’s requirements.

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