Annual Maintenance Contract

After successful installation and commissioning of EMS, ICD offers comprehensive Annual Maintenance services to all customers. 40% of the total project cost is taken as AMC charges.

Scope of AMC

  • 4 regular visits and 1 emergency visit within 12 months period
  • Regular check of meters during maintenance visits
  • ICD informs the visit time to the customer
  • Details of issues to be informed to the customer through email or fax
  • No changes for service of meters and DCU, but component cost will be charged
  • ICD will evaluate any software change requirement and offer suitable version of EMS wherever required
  • At the end of every visit, customer can prepare MOM with ICD
  • Buy-back offers as per the ICD policy
  • AMC period will be active on the execution of contract with the receipt of the payment within 2 weeks


ICD offers periodical checking of accuracy, display and other parts of meters made by ICD. Other hardware parts covered under ICD AMC are data concentrators and EMS communication systems.


Software maintenance checks performed by ICD include checking status of anti-virus software installed in the EMS system and report generation software.

Additional features on AMC

Old meters and old DCU are covered under the buy-back policies in the AMC. We also offer a special package for new generation of EMS like web-enabling GPRS. ICD Carbon View is offered as an exclusive package.

Commercial Details

Payment is 100% against the AMC offer. We charge 30,000 INR extra for additional emergency calls. For maintenance work that requires extended stay at clients site, we charge 10,000 per day per engineer, which does not include travel and lodging charges. Service tax as applicable.

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