Calibration of Meters

Stringent testing and
Calibration methods

During installation and commissioning, ICD conducts complete calibration and testing of energy meters. Engineers working onsite test the accuracy of every energy meter and multifunction meters by using a standard reference meter of a better accuracy than meter being tested. All multifunction meters are tested once in 3 years.

Apart from regular checks, ICD performs rigorous testing whenever there is a malfunction or abnormal readings are recorded. Testing and calibration of multifunction meters is usually carried out in the presence of representatives from the supplier and buyer.

Testing Additional

Customers are free to connect a number of additional meters for measurement of electricity consumption. Additional meters are usually connected for ascertaining or regulating quantity of electricity supplied to the consumer, or number of hours’ electricity is supplied, or any other quantity connected to power supply.

We expect our consumers to adhere to agreement conditions while placing additional meters. In scenarios where the charges for supply depend partly or wholly on such meters, in the absence of an agreement, the licensee shall keep the meter, indicator, or apparatus correct.

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