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Job Title / Designation


Work Location: Chennai No of Positions: 01

Experience: 01 to 05 years

Job Description

  • Maintain cash book, Monthly & Annual tax services
  • Co Ordinate with different departments
  • Accounts Finalization
  • Checking monthly ledgers of branches, receivables, payables and preparing reports
  • Accounts to be maintained in books of SAP
  • Responsible for preparation of cash, bank, journal, purchase, contra and sales.
  • Reporting to head office for submission of monthly/ fortnightly accounts and documents.
  • Thorough with statutory compliance like timely payments of deducted and collected taxes viz GST,

Job Title / Designation

Sales Engineers

Work Location: Chennai No of Positions: 05 Experience: 01 to 05 years

Job Description: Products – Energy Meters, Multifunction/Single Function Panel Meters, Load Manager, , Power Factor Control, Motor Protection System, Generator Metering, Multi Point Metering, Energy Management System Market Segment – End Customers, Panel Builders,

Job Profile

    • Will be responsible Customer segment for relationship building, Understanding the requirement of Customers
      through regular visits, Product Demonstrations, Product/Solution pitching as per Requirement.
    • Getting the Enquiries from these accounts, working out the same with Dealers, preparing and submitting the
      quotations with worked out pricing with Dealers.
    • Follow up visits to Customers for closing the orders in our favour and for generation of new business keeping
      Dealers in loop for follow up with the Customers.
    • Will be handling 1/3rd market area for these products and will ensure to increase the market share for our
    • make from these accounts and the accounts which will be added afterwards.

    Job Specification

    • Candidate must be Engineering Graduate or Diploma Holder in Electrical/Electronics/Instrumentation
      Engineering or any Graduate with a Certified course in Energy/Power Management/Switchgear/Electrical
      Protection System or relevant to the same.
    • Can be a fresher with sufficient knowledge of Electrical/Electronic/Instrumentation Systems But Someone
      with Experience in the relevant Industry and Technology will be preferred.
    • Must be keen to learn and explore the market with hard work and perseverance, must be interested to take
      on field Working Opportunities with Companies in Electrical Industry.
    • Must be very good in learning, building relationships, team working, requirement understanding, preparing
      quotations, follow ups and closing.

Job Opening

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