Centralized Energy Monitoring Solution

With electricity costs amounting to almost 33% of the operating costs, efficient monitoring and management of energy becomes mandatory. ICD has everything you need for development and implementation of energy management strategies.

Energy Management System

ICD enables centralized monitoring and control of energy systems in large manufacturing units, commercial establishments, and industries. We have well-organized processes and methods in place for ensuring considerable savings in overall energy costs.
Energy Management System designed by ICD is a comprehensive array of measurement, conversion, connecting and control equipment.

Components of Energy Management System

Power measurement products–Devices for measurement of power like energy meters, multi-function meters, load managers and trivector meters are connected through RS485 MODBUS RTU Protocol.

Data Logger – Interfacing with pulse output type meters. Each logger can connect 60/30 meters.
Data Concentrator – required for interfacing meters with RS485 output. Each concentrator can support up to 30 individual meters.

Media Convertors – RS485 to RS232 Convertors, repeaters, Fiber Optic convertors and GSM/GPRS Modem depending on type of network.

Network cables – RS485 cables, LAN Cables, Fiber Optic Cables, and other connecting accessories

Software Packages – ICD EMsoft is an indigenous software package exclusively designed for logging data from Data Concentrator, data logger and individual instruments. Our software comes in 4 versions: micro, compact, professional and business. It’s a user-friendly GUI based application.

Network Connection Options

Data Logger with RS485 Port supporting MODBUS RTU Protocol connected to pulse output type meters.
RS485 Network with MODBUS RTU Protocol
Optical Fiber Cable Network with MODBUS RTU or PROFIBUS DPV0 Slave Protocol or IEC61850 protocol
LAN Cables with MODBUS TCP Protocol
RF Modem and ZigBee Network for short range wireless communication
GSM / GPRS based wireless communication for long distance and remote data access

Benefits of Energy Management System

  • Complete SWOT analysis of energy consumption, pattern of different equipment and true energy cost
  • Improve plant energy efficiency by identifying areas of wastage
  • Automated computing of energy bills and comparison with bills from Electricity Boards
  • Ensure optimum utilization of transformers, switch gears, cables etc by evening out demand and energy
  • Minimize specific energy consumption by monitoring it on real-time basis
  • Explore your potential for upgradation or expansion
  • Gather highly reliable information from all devices
  • Accurate assessment of distribution losses
  • Assured ROI with low payback period

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