Furnace Energy Monitoring System

This system enables control and monitoring of the Annealing process controlled by ICD Furnace Controller & Batch Processing unit. Data storing and reporting by using ICD Make Powerful Furnace batch processing and monitoring software for data logging of important parameters specified by the customer can be accomplished by this system.

First step is to ‘START PROJECT’ on the desktop shortcut. Once this shortcut is initiated, all processes are automatically started by opening a window. If Rxd is blinking, it means command has been sent from the software end. If Txd is not blinking, then the Rxd at the meter end needs to be checked. Continuity of the communication cable needs to be checked if either of Rxd or Txd are not blinking.

Viewing Main Screen

Once communication is established between meters, Main menu screen can be opened. Main Menu leads to all the short-cut and features of the software.

Stopping the Project

Once the annealing process is stopped, Stop Project option can be chosen. This option must be chosen before installing any new software or shutting down the computer. Once you choose this option storing and polling is stopped. A few minutes after Rxd and Txd lights stop blinking, internal processes are stopped.

The main menu of the software includes the main features: communication status, operator-login, online trend, and reports.

Communication Status

This feature enables operators to check the status of communication between meters and central computer. Operators can proceed to Operator-Log in if ‘green’ signal is seen near PLC, and Energy Meter. In case ‘red’ signal is seen, supervisor needs to be contacted for rectification of error.

Operator-Login Screen

Operator name needs to be chosen for Login. The user name changes based on operator name. The program number needs to be keyed in for choosing the right annealing process. Before starting the process, Check Basic Operations step must be completed. Around 1 minute after the Cycle Start button is clicked, the Led will glow, indicating that the program is now controlled by PLC and Coil details can be entered in a different screen by clicking on the “Work Dock Entries” button.

Online Trend

The program trend is drawn when the Run LED in the glows. The trend is then communicated to the computer. Actual RED trend is drawn as per the current temperature in the


This option is used for viewing Run Number-based consumption of the Annealing process. Status of sensors can be viewed on the other screens.

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