Installation and Commissioning of EMS Project

ICD offers a wide range of installation and commissioning services for energy management systems. In addition to providing standard solutions, IDC also provides tailor-made solutions for customers. Our energy management experts conduct detailed analysis of power consumption and provide optimized solutions. A glance at the services offered:

  • Taking panel cut outs for meters
  • Networking of meters
  • Laying of armored or unarmored cable
  • PT and CT wiring to meters
  • Laying of Fiber optic cable
  • Development, supply and installation of SCADA software

The scope of ICD services includes: networking and commissioning of ICD multifunction meters; supply and installation of connector kits and meters to terminate RS 485 communication cable. For smooth installation and commissioning of EMS, complete shut down at the client’s site, calibration of energy meters and hardware and networking assistance is required.

PT and CT testing for existing multifunction meters

ICD takes care of laying of communication cable from meters to the EMS system. We also supply client grade PC with installation of necessary software. Client grade PC and data logging, and report generation services as per client requirements are also provided.

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