Battery Charger

Product Battery Charger

Model : BC 9080
Battery Charger

The ICD Battery Charger is designed to supply required DC Voltage and Current to the connected load and recharge the Battery on boost charging over it maintains the battery in float mode.
The Battery Charger Provide regulated DC output form 1 Phase or 3Phase AC Source with ±10% variation in the input and perform satisfactorily under various load condition. The charger select automatically float and boost mode charging when discharged battery is connected.
The Battery Charger ensures complete isolation from power supply by transformer and circuit design with high-end microcontroller and state of control scheme.
ICD Battery charger is suitable lead Acid Battery VRLA, Non VRLA and Ni-Cd Battery.

Features & Benefits

  • Microcontroller based design
  • Ensuring Voltage and current regulation through output range
  • Input current limit by soft start
  • Short circuit and overload protected
  • Auto changeover for float/ Boost
  • Protection for overload & earth fault
  • Fast acting semiconductor fuses for rectifier protection
  • Digital metering for voltage and current Measurements
  • Optional Annunciation Features.
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