Energy Saver

Product Energy Saver

Model : Saver Lite
Energy Saver

ICD Energy Saver equipment is manufactured  to reduce the consumption of power in lighting loads. The process is achieved by reducing the heat generated in the lamp hence operation of lamp cooler. By Save Lite Energy Saver direct 5 to 20% of Energy Savings can be done on Light load. Increase the life of the Lamp hence reduction in maintenance and replacement cost. Blackening of Florescent lamps and colour shifting in metal halide lamps are reduced.

Features & Benefits

  • User selectable Switch to select energy saving percentage Approximately10% - 20% according to site Conditions in Manual mode
  • Auto mode - Appropriate energy Saving percentage is selected automatically depending on the site conditions
  • Power and energy meter provided for Monitoring the output power and energy to Check the savings
  • LED status indication with alarm relay
  • Output for low and high output voltage – Useful in guiding the user to select the Appropriate energy saving percentage Manual bypass provision available for direct Connection without energy saver Short circuit and over load protection Provided through MCB or MCCB of suitable Rating depending on the capacity
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