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Product Harmonic Filter

Harmonic Filter

Any device with non-linear operating characteristics, draw current from the source which does not follow the voltage wave form
and introduce wave form distortion in current. These wave form distortion in current are called current harmonics. The harmonic
current produced by the non linear loads flow through the system impedances and generate voltage harmonics

Features & Benefits

Source Of Harmonics

  • Variable Speed AC/DC Drives, UPS Systems, Rectifiers
  • SMPS, Static Converters, Thyristor controlled systems Frequency controlled Induction furnaces
  • Arcing equipment, Arc furnaces, Welding, Lighting
  • When saturation is reached in Transformers, Motors, Generators

Problems Created by Harmonics

  • Reduced energy efficiency in the network
  • Excessive Heating and failure of Capacitors, Fuses, Motors, Transformers, Cables, Switch gears and Lighting Ballast etc
  • Nuisance Tripping of Circuit Breaker or frequent blowing of fuses
  • Erroneous operation of control system equipment
  • Damages to sensitive electronic equipment
  • Communication interference
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