Harmonic Indicator

Product Harmonic Indicator

Model No. HAR 9000
Harmonic Indicator

HAR 9000 is a new approach in harmonic analysis which measures the value of current and voltage harmonics. THD in & of voltage and Current. Individual Harmonic Amplitude in % of voltage and current spectrum. Displays up to 31st harmonic and Total demand distortion (TDD) display. Continuous harmonic monitoring Communication port RS485 with MODBUS-RTU to PC.

Features & Benefits

  • Display of true RMS voltage and current readings on full scale of voltage and Current THD in % of voltage THD in % of current, Individual Harmonic Display in % of voltage and current, Individual Harmonic Display in magnitude for voltage and current
  • Total demand distortion (TDD)
  • Measures up to 31st Harmonics
  • Suitable for continuous harmonic monitoring RS485 Communication port with MODBUS -RTU protocol
  • Derating of Transformers, cables, breakers can be decided
  • Effects of the mitigating devices / Filters can be quantified
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