Heater Status Monitor

Product Heater System Burnout Detector

Heater System Burnout Detector

ICD offers heater system monitoring and burnout detection. This product is designed to monitor status of the heater system with 3 phase star or delta connected loads. This instrument measure and monitors voltage, current, power and energy through external CT’s and voltage detection; it can operate with 3 CT’s or 2 CT’s with true RMS measurement, CT ratio is settable in the meter itself. Under current setting will be given to study heater status and it will announce the heater burnout detection. This unit also shows the thyristor short circuit failure or open circuit failure.
This instrument displays voltage, current, power and energy by digital measurement and finds the heater burnout status and provide alarm through an external relay output.

Features & Benefits

  • Suitable for 3 phase loads
  • Displays Voltage, Power, PF, Current & Energy
  • Monitors unbalance heating
  • Monitors group of heater
  • In a single enclosure, 2 row 16 character Alpha Numeric LCD display
  • Status indication by LED’s
  • Avoid (heating/ fault) Scarp and raw material wastage ON/OFF /or SCR/cyclic Controls
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