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Energy Management System

Energy Management System provides message, on how much energy being consumed in the Manufacturing Plant/Building/Machinery during each process and how much it could cost on shift-wise on daily and monthly basis. It also effectively communicates energy consumption pattern of the building, facility, plant, machinery to various stakeholders like Directors, Managers and Operators etc.

Features & Benefits

  • GUI Based application
  • User friendly and Menu driven
  • MIMIC view
  • Demand screen
  • Historical Data Presentation
  • Multi user environment
  • High Level Security
  • Auto SMS and Mailing Alerts
  • Easy Meter Configuration
  • Easy to connect and work with 3rd party meters
  • Online data in graphical view
  • Single Line Diagram
  • High, Low Alarms
  • Multi Level Architecture
  • Reports and data can be exported to CSV format
  • Communication Failure Alarms
  • Energy Losses Configuration
  • Instant Data updating in 30 sec for meter to meter
  • Load Analysis
  • User Configurable Reports
  • Client Server Technology
  • Web Enabled Application
  • Calculation of idle power usage
  • Energy Target Analysis
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