Multifunction Power Meter

Product Power Genius

Model No. MFM 9500
Multifunction Power Meter

MFM 9500 is a new approach to energy management, integrating Control I/Os which enable process integration, breaker status detection, alarm output, basic demand control outputs and more, directly integrated within the meter. ICD has also developed matching advanced EMS applications for specific energy consumption in heat treatment, textile, cements, power and steel much more.

Features & Benefits

  • True RMS measurement
  • Simultaneous sampling of voltage and current
  • Measures 4 quadrant power and 2 quadrant energy
  • Digital calibration ensures drift-free operation for a long-time
  • Isolated RS485 with industry standard MODBUS-RTU protocol
  • Ethernet module, PROFIBUS-DP module available as option
  • Dual communication ports option
  • Sealed dust proof poly-carbonate enclosure
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