Multi Function Meter

Product Multifunction Meter

Model No. MFM  9012
Value Line Series
Multifunction Meter – LCD Display 

MFM 9012  is a new approach to Energy Management Systems and Energy Billing Systems integrating Control I/Os which enable Process Integration, Breaker Status Detection, Alarm output, Basic Demand control outputs and more, directly integrated within the meter. ICD has also developed matching advanced EMS applications for Specific Energy Consumption in Panel metering in sub stations, Distribution panels, Genset Panels, Pumps, Motors, Compressors and Individual Equipment, Control panels and Test benches and much more.

Features & Benefits

  • User Programmable
  • Simultaneous sampling of voltage and current
  • Confirms IS14697 for Accuracy Class 1 and Class 0.5
  • Direct reading without multiplication factor
  • Accurate on Harmonic Conditions
  • 10 year back up for integrated energy data
  • Available in both LCD and LED Model
  • Measures 4 quadrant power and 2 quadrant energy
  • Run hour Indication
  • Built-in phase analyzer for proper connection
  • Low PT, CT burden (Less than 0.2 VA)
  • Digital Calibration ensures drift-free operation for long time
  • High reliability and user-friendly to configure and operate
  • Sealed dust proof Poly Carbonate Enclosure and Touch safe terminals
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