PF Controller

Product Power Factor Controller

Model No. PFC 9059R
Power Factor Controller

ICD Power Factor Controller PFC 9059R is micro-controller based and assembled in 96×96 mm ABS plastic enclosure for flush mounting. It operates with voltage and current signals from suitable voltage and current transformers. It measures power factor and also the reactive power consumption of the load. With appropriate user program fed, it gives relay output signals to switch IN/OUT capacitor banks by contactors in a sequential manner to achieve the preset PF.

Features & Benefits

  • Measurement of PF for all the 4 quadrants
  • PF Indication between 0.00 lag to 0.00 lead
  • Control of PF from 0.80 lag to 0.95 lead
  • Suitable for switching IN/OUT capacitors through contractors
  • Control either in Auto or Manual
  • Optimum user of capacitor banks for increased life through cyclic switching
  • Adjustable connecting delay and reconnecting delay between the steps to suit the load changes
  • Selection of Capacitor Program
  • Entry of minimum Capacitor in kVAr
  • Alarm against over voltage, over current and over/under compensation
  • THD measurement and alarm(optional)
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