Product Power Factor Controller

Model No. PFC 9059R

Power Factor Controller

ICD Power Factor Controller PFC 9059R is micro-controller based and assembled in 96x96 mm ABS plastic enclosure for flush mounting. It operates with voltage and current signals from suitable voltage and current transformers. It measures power factor and also the reactive power consumption of the load. With appropriate user program fed, it gives relay output signals to switch IN/OUT capacitor banks by contactors in a sequential manner to achieve the preset PF.


  • Measurement of PF for all the 4 quadrants
  • PF Indication between 0.00 lag to 0.00 lead
  • Control of PF from 0.80 lag to 0.95 lead
  • Suitable for switching IN/OUT capacitors through contractors
  • Control either in Auto or Manual
  • Optimum user of capacitor banks for increased life through cyclic switching
  • Adjustable connecting delay and reconnecting delay between the steps to suit the load changes
  • Selection of Capacitor Program
  • Entry of minimum Capacitor in kVAr
  • Alarm against over voltage, over current and over/under compensation
  • THD measurement and alarm(optional)


ISO 9001:2008 Certified

Technical Specification

Model No  PFC 9059R
Voltage  Input  3 Phase 415V 50Hz  for  LT  and 3 phase 110V 50Hz  for HT 
Burden  Less  than 0.2VA
 Frequency   40.00  to 60.00Hz 
 Current  Input  1A  / 5A  from  all the three phase through current transformers 
 PF Measurement Range   For  all 4 Quadrants (0.00Lag  to 0.00  Lead) 
 PF Measurement Accuracy   ±1% (+2 least digit) 
PF  Indicating Resolution  0.01 
PF Setting Range   0.80  lag  to 0.95  lead 
PF Setting Accuracy  0.01 
Display   7 Digit 0.5" seven segment Red LED 
Parameter Displayed   Actual PF, Set PF, Actual kVAr and kVAr required to achieve set PF 
Possible program sequence of
capacitor banks
a) 1:1:1:1:1
b) 1:1:2:2:2
c) 1:2:2:2:2
d) 1:2:4:4:4
e) 1:2:4:8:8 
Number of Steps   6 in the form of output relays with NO contacts to operate the contactors 
Capacitor Connection
Re-connection Delay
 01  to 99 Seconds  (Adjustable) 
Output Relay NO contact Rating  3A at 240 VAC  
Auxiliary Supply  Self Powered
Keypad for setting and Selection   Index, Increment, Shift and Enter keys for setting PF , display and manual operation 
Control Operation a) Switching IN when the Lag required kVAr value is more
than 70% of the 1st capacitor value
b) Switching OUT when the lead required kVAr value is more
than 70% of the lowest capacitor value 
Alarms with  relay output a) Over Voltage 115% of the rating
b) Over Current 110% of the rating
c) Over / Under compensation
d) THD more than set point (optional)
Output Relay ON and manual   By LED indications
Operating Temperature   55° C Enclosure
 Dimensions  a) Bezel 96(H) x 96(W) mm
b) Cut out 94(H) x 94(W)mm
c) Depth 80 mm 


  • True RMS method is employed to calculate the PF with voltage and current signals fed to the controller through instrument transformers. One voltage and one current signal from any one phase are adequate for the calculation in the case of balanced load. For unbalanced load, voltage and current signals are required from all the three phases. The ratio of the active power to the apparent power measured for a sample time is given as PF.


  • The controller action is a simple proportional with increment / decrement switching of capacitor banks through contactors with a dead band to avoid hunting. When the controller measures the PF and kVAr, it compares them to the set values. Depending upon the difference between the set and actual values, the kVAr required to be supplied / withdrawn is calculated. Output relays are switched on as per the program fed to the controller in a sequential manner with definite set delay for a series of capacitor banks to be switched IN/OUT through contactors. This kind of control provides a smooth correction without any overshoot, when the load fluctuations are moderate


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