Power Transducer

Product Power Transducer

Model No : MFT 9060P
Power Transducer

Power Transducer is a versatile all combination product for LT/HT application and 3 phase / 3 wire/4 wire measuring means. It measures most of the basic electrical quantity like V, I, PF, Freq, W, VA & VAr.. If given 2 current outputs equivalent to the measured basic electrical quantities or panel quantities through MODBUS communication. While in field operation, the measured parameters are available to computer system for logging continuously. The RS485 is suitable for multidrop communication; hence logging of similar transducer with network could be possible.PT comply with IEC 60688 standards and EMIC/EMI standards. PT housed in compact Din-Rail mounting, ABS enclosure.

Features & Benefits

  • Confirm to IEC 60688
  • Three phase 3 wire or 4 wire
  • Accepts 110/415V AC
  • Accepts 1A/5A
  • Long time Stability
  • Isolated between circuits
  • Max Load Resistance 500Ω
  • Two isolated outputs
  • Output for input & export power(optional)
  • Fast response
  • Aux.:90 – 270V AC/DC, 48VDC, Reset on panel Through Rail mounting
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