Product Thyristor Capacitor Switching Module

Thyristor Capacitor Switching Module

Thyristor capacitor switching module is designed to use for Real-time power factor correction. It consist Dynamic switching Module (DSM- Electronic circuitry housed in Din rail mount enclosure) and Thyristor power stack (TSM –2 no Thyristors mounted on suitable heat sink).  DSM is a microcontroller based design which generates trigger pulse to TPS and ensures the zero voltage switching of thyristor to achieve the transient free operation. DSM is common for all rating thyristor capacitor switching module and TSM varies according to the capacitor bank KVAr rating. Both DSM and TPS are interconnected with simple wiring.

Features & Benefits

  • Transient free switching.
  • Real time PF correction is possible.
  • Suitable to use with tuned and detuned filter reactor.
  • Relay provided for cooling fan to activate the fan only at bank ON
  • Over temperature Protection.
  • Electronic circuitry is housed in the enclosure, so that suitable to work in dust environment.
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