Cornerstone of Innovation

At ICD, Research and Development has been the driving force for growth and development. Our R&D wing has
served as the design house for nearly 2 decades, developing innovative solutions for potential and willing
customers. We focus on providing best possible technology at affordable prices to all customers.

Thorough professionalism coupled with enthusiasm is what makes our R&D team unique. Backed by support from
management, the R&D team has made breakthrough innovations in Reactive Power Management through
Harmonic Audit and Power Quality Study.

How R&D wing at ICD exceeds
client expectations

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    Upgrades and modernizes existing EMS
    systems for optimal performance
  • null
    Assists clients in development and
    maintenance of process automation
    equipment and systems
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    Conducts regular awareness and training
    sessions for clients and their employees
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    Enables energy efficiency by suggesting
    appropriate technology interventions
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    Provides a detailed, well-researched report
    of energy balancing at client’s site
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    Accurate trouble shooting for recognition
    of potential hazards

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