Display Unit

Product Display Unit

Model No : DPU 1000
Display Unit

ICD Microprocessor based Display unit which displays Value of Voltage, Current, Frequency, Temperature, Pressure, Flow and etc. Our display unit can be assembled from the range of 2′ inch display to 12′ inch size. These displays can be used as a monitoring cum controlling devices.

Features & Benefits

  • 2” or 4” monolithic LED Display
  • 6” or 8” super bright LED’S
  • Single line/multiline
  • Day/Night Visibility
  • Alphanumeric Character (Optional)
  • Accepts Thermocouple/ PT 100 RTD/ 4 -20mA /0-72mVv/ 0-10V/ RS485 Inputs
  • Control set point (optional)
  • Keypad for programming
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