Power Factor Controller

Product Power Factor Controller – 16 Stage

Model No. PFC 9070
Power Factor Controller

ICD Power Factor Controller PFC 9070 is micro-controller based and assembled in 144 x 144 mm ABS plastic enclosure for flush mounting. It operates with voltage and current signals from suitable voltage and current transformers. It measures power factor and also the reactive power consumption of the load. With appropriate user program fed, it gives relay output signals to switch IN/OUT capacitor banks by contactors in a sequential manner to achieve the preset PF.


  • Measurement of PF for all 4 quadrants
  • Identification of the power of connected
  • capacitor either automatically or through user program
  • Optimum usage of capacitor banks through cyclic switching
  • Control either in Auto / Manual
  • Suitable for switching in / out capacitor through thyristor module / Contactor
  • Adjustable connection delay and reconnecting delay for banks to suit the load changes
  • Alarm against Over Voltage, Under Voltage, Over Current, Over Compensation, Under Compensation & Step fault
  • THD Measurement and alarm (optional)
  • Alarm for insufficient measurement current
  • Disconnection of particular step for step problem
  • Disconnection of capacitor bank for excessive harmonics
  • Connection of permanent capacitor value in addition to the measured required power E.g: for compensation of a transformer
  • Separate PF setting for EB/DG (optional)
  • External potential free digital input provided to select EB/DG Setting (optional)
  • RS485 Port for communication with MODBUS RTU protocol (optional)


Power Factor Controller

ISO 9001:2008 Certified

Technical Specification

Model No PFC 9070 (Thyristor Switching)
PFC 9070R (Contactor Switching)
Voltage  Input 3 Phase 415V 50Hz  for  LT  and 3 phase 110V 50Hz  for HT
Burden Less  than 0.2VA
 Frequency  40.00  to 60.00Hz
 Current  Input 1A / 5A from any one of the Grid CT
1A / 5A from R & B of Panel CT
 PF Measurement Range  For  all 4 Quadrants (0.00Lag  to 0.00  Lead)
 PF Measurement Accuracy  ±o.o1
PF  Indicating Resolution  0.01
PF Setting Range  0.80  lag  to 0.91  lead
PF Setting Accuracy  0.01
Display 4 Row 16 Character  LCD display
Parameter Displayed Grid Parameters - Voltage, Current, kW, kVA, kVAr , PF ,
Energy, Average Power Factor , Harmonics
Panel Parameters Capacitor Current, Capacitor  kVAr , kVArh Pumped
Alarm Status Alr1 – Critical Alarm
Alr2 – Non-critical Alarm
Step History for each Step
Cycle count, Run Hour , Derating Percentage
First value and Last value of capacitor Bank
Possible program sequence of
capacitor banks
 a) 1:1:1:1:1
b) 1:1:2:2:2
c) 1:2:2:2:2
d) 1:2:4:4:4
e) 1:2:4:8:8
 Number of Steps  6/8/12/16
Capacitor Connection Delay 01  to 99 Seconds  (Adjustable)
 Capacitor Connection
Re-connection Delay
 001  to 999 Seconds  (Adjustable)
Auxiliary Supply Self Powered or 90  - 270V AC/DC External
Keypad for setting and Selection  Index, Increment, Shift and Enter keys for setting PF , display and manual operation
Control Operation a) Switching IN when the Lag required kVAr value is more
than 70% of the 1st capacitor value
b) Switching OUT when the lead required kVAr value is more
than 70% of the lowest capacitor value
Alarms with  relay output a) Over Voltage
b) Over Current
c) Over / Under compensation
d) Zero Voltage & Zero Current
e) Bank Fault
f) Voltage THD
g) Current THD
Alarm  relay output  rating 5A at 240V AC Output ON, Alarm & auto / : By LED
manual indications
Operating Temperature 55° C
Standards Approved a) Impulse voltage test
b) Conducted emission test
c) Fast transient burst test
d) Surge test
e) Environmental and climatic influence test
 Dimensions a) Bezel 144(H) x 144(W) mm
b) Cut out 136(H) x 136(W)mm
c) Depth 150 mm


  • ICD Power Factor Controller measures the active power , reactive power in the mains from the measured Voltage and Current for all the four quadrants.
  • The controller identifies the output of the capacitor stages installed in the power factor improvement panel through user program or automatically.
  • The controller connects or disconnects the capacitor bank in the optimum manner as required by the actual mains condition according to target PF .
  • The controller monitors the fluctuations in the reactive power demand of the load precisely and controls the capacitor stages by following the principle of rotational switching. This ensures that optimum power factor correction is achieved under all load conditions.
  • The integrated LCD display can show the actual grid parameters, panel parameters and diagnostic information about the capacitor banks. This is useful to monitor the operating conditions and capacitor banks.
  • The power factor controller is ready for operation with preset default functions immediately after installation.


Display Options

  • PF , Set PF , Required kVAr
  • Voltage, Current, kVA, kW, kVAr and frequency
  • kWh, kVAh and average power factor
  • Total harmonic distortion for voltage & current
  • Capacitive current and capacitor kVAr
  • kVArh delivered by the panel
  • Number of connected capacitor banks
  • Number of switching operations per bank and Run hour per bank
  • Alarm generation when number of switching operation reach a preset limit
  • Capacitor derating percentage

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